Be The Change

As well as being a dedicated artist, I involve myself in many different community activities and events throughout the whole year. I love tree planting, playing music, supporting charities, sharing stories in magazines and so much more!!

It would take me years to share all the wonderful events that I've been a part of, throughout my life, so I've decided to keep things fresh by focusing on the here and now.  This section of my webpage begins in the year 2015 and I will continue to add more stories as we travel into our future!

Please enjoy!!!!

It drives me crazy that a minority of people still believe that Man-Made Climate Change is up for debate!  The debate period ended 30 years ago!!!!  For those of you who are still entertaining deniers, I will suggest that you use the information found in this blog post to enlighten ignorant minds!
Good luck!!!!
Understanding Carbon and Climate Change - 2019

Devon's Used Toy Drive 2018

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