Volunteering for Local Charities

 I've always felt that it's important for everyone to get involved in their community in whatever way they feel inspired!  Volunteering is a great way to do just that!!

In this post I want to shine the light on my sister, Sandra, who has been volunteering in many ways in her community for more than 30 years...

Before my parents and my sister moved to London, Ontario, about ten years ago, Sandra had built a 25 year history of volunteering a couple afternoons each week at the library in Alliston!  Her efforts have been recognized on several occasions.

Since her move to London, my sister has volunteered with several London organizations.  For many years, she was involved with a second hand thrift store where her duties varied from week to week.  The other volunteers and staff always loved the positive energy and full smiles that she brought with her.

She continues to volunteer at a London house that works in partnership with one of the area hospitals.  Sandra spends most of her time helping out in the kitchen and she's also been involved in many children's activities that take place in this centre.

Unfortunately, I don't have any photos to share with those stories... but I have several photos to share of Sandra's volunteering efforts each Christmas season as she tends to the 'kettle donation' efforts of the London Salvation Army.

This photo dates back several years.  During the Christmas season, Sandra can be found in different locations around London as she tends to the Salvation Army's Kettle Drive to raise funds for families in the community that need support.

The reason why I have these photos of my sister is because I will often take my son, Devon down to see her.  Sometimes we bring Sandra a hot chocolate to enjoy as she shares her smiles with shoppers.

And other times we simply drop by to give her a hug!  I'm sharing my sister's story with the hopes that her efforts will inspire others to realize how volunteering is a great way to bring a positive energy to our community.  Sadly, there are always so many families who find themselves needing support.  Thankfully, there are many individuals who feel just like my sister... who take the time to become a part of an effort that can offer families the things they need to get by during these challenging times.

Thanks, Sandra, for all you do... and thanks to all the world's volunteers for being a part of a much needed change!

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