Devon's Joke

Devon loves building with his Legos!  And he loves creating silly stories using the characters that he builds, while we are eating our dinner.  The other day, while I was being 'This Guy' & 'That Guy' I was thinking that it would be really funny to make a short animation film using these characters.  I have funny thoughts like this all the time, but for the most part these thoughts remain thoughts or just funny ideas that I share with my wife!

However, this time, the inspiration stayed with me.  The next morning, I was lying in bed thinking about what I would do with the day.  It was March Break, and I was looking forward to spending the day with Devon.  The idea about making a silly movie popped back inside my head and suddenly I was inspired!!

I got up and went into the kitchen looking for my video camera and battery charger.  Joanne said that I had the most determined look on my face... she could see that I was (again) possessed by inspiration.  A short while later, Devon and I were getting ready to make a movie.

What I love most about this short film, is the fact that it is completely spontaneous!  There was no script!  There was no thought out plot!  We just started filming and we made it up as we went along!

This video may not be a painting but I consider this to be a very important peace of artwork - something that I hope will inspire people from around the world!!!  And create a lot of smiles, too!

So - here we go.....

Please enjoy and share with a friend!!!!



  1. I thought it was a very funny joke Devon and I enjoyed both the movie and the joke very much. Thanks for making me smile! Barbara Lanthier

    1. I can't wait to see what Devon creates next! :)