Friday, 13 September 2019

Mr. Jim Supports the Green Party of Canada 2019

With the Canadian federal election just a little over a month away, I've been busy with a variety of efforts to support my London West candidate, other London Green candidates and candidates across Canada!

I may not have enough money to make donations to the Green Party of Canada.... but I do have time, dedication and imagination - and these I share freely!
I want to inspire others (you my readers and viewers) to also get involved in this upcoming election, in any way that you can!

This is a very important election!  Time is running out to turn Spaceship Earth around so that our species will be able to continue living!

The Green Party of Canada may not have all the answers, but by supporting them and voting for them we will be 'spiking' the statistics in a profound way to get our voices to Ottawa as we declare that climate change is the most important issue of our time!

Below, I will be sharing my efforts, in chronological order and I hope that you will see just how easy it is to get involved!  Many of you won't be making videos, like I am, but be inspired to raise your voice just by posting a photo to your Facebook page or other social media accounts!

It is political!

It is critical!

Enjoy and be inspired!!!!!

--- September 2 ---
I made my first Facebook post to get people ready for the upcoming election, by posting this photo taken a little over a year ago - during Ontario's provincial election!

--- September 6 ---
I used Facebook to promote a Meet'N'Greet for London area Greens... and I attended the event, then shared this photo the next day! In almost every Facebook post supporting the Greens, I include links to all 3 London candidates!

So - I guess I should also do that here (left to right).....

--- September 8 ---
Our neighbour wondered why Devon and I were in our backyard with drums and his ukulele!!!  We explained that we needed an ending for our upcoming Youtube video that will be using to support the Green Party of Canada!  She says that she'll enjoy watching that after I post the video on Facebook! I also put my candidates election sign on my front lawn and took this photo that is now my phones wallpaper!

--- September 10 ---
I visited a local Home Depot to get some paint for an upcoming effort that I am planning!  The lady in the paint department loved my stories of things to come and so she mixed a green paint colour of my choosing and sold it to me at a huge discount to support my efforts!

--- September 11 ---
I spent the day working out kinks in my first Youtube video and finally got it uploaded. Then I promoted it on Facebook!  My favourite part is the ending that Devon and I had a lot of fun with!!!
Devon and I also got busy painting signs to support the Green Party of Canada!
I spent the evening visiting London Greens Facebook pages and sharing their photos for others to see.

--- September 12 ---
I woke up at 5am so I would have time to put up these signs at a particular location in London.  The S/W corner of Commissioners & Wharncliffe always gets filled with election signs.... but this time, our signs got there first!
I also shot some video footage to make another video of support!

--- September 13 ---
Another day, another handful of old elections signs repainted green!!!!  In years previous, I had collected these from London area ditches and now I've got a use for them!!!! Thanks for your help, Devon!!!!

--- September 14 ---
Devon and I spent the morning working on a brand new video to support the Green Party of Canada!  We had a lot of fun making the film... and several people we met (while filming) got involved!!!  I also made this image....

... to help with another effort I started!  This is a small advert to inspire people to visit this webpage to see all the videos and other important links I'm sharing, during this election period.  I'll be posting this image on my instagram account soon....

--- September 15 ---
I spent the morning on my home computer putting the 3rd video together and getting it ready for Youtube! I just uploaded it today (Sept. 20th) but I'm going to share it here....

I just loved the spontaneity of this video! In the morning, I woke up with a few fresh ideas... but no definite plans! As Devon and I were making the video, we came up with a plan, discussed what we should say, practiced and then filmed it!!!! It was a lot of fun!!! In one part, you'll see two boys scooter through the video. They stopped to chat with us and find out what we were doing. After I explained, I asked them if they'd like to be in our video.... and they said yes - obviously!!!! Several people stopped and chatted with us and they all thought that what we were doing was a great idea.... so that made us very happy!!!! AND - Devon plays his ukulele as the soundtrack and sings a wonderful song! Please enjoy.... and support this effort with a few 'shares' of this video!!!

--- September 16 ---

I spent a part of my day reading over some of the info available online, that shows how the Parties stand on certain issues!  This is a pretty decent link for you to check out....

Since I'm supporting the Green Party of Canada, I'll add one more link that will take you directly to the official Green Party Platform!

--- September 17 ---

I spent the last few days working and visiting with a few friends from school - that was a while ago - and then I got back online to see the latest in the election news!  I'm not going to bother discussing the latest Trudeau scandal, as I think it was truly ridiculous and I'm not wasting words on it! But I will share this link to a story that discusses The Green Party of Canada's platform in better detail!

The Star news story Sept. 16, 2019 on Green Platform

--- September 21 ---

It is hard to imagine that in 2019 there still exist people who do not believe that climate change is an issue confronting all of humanity.  To address this point, I have put together a very informative post that explains the history of the Earth's climate change, the importance of carbon, as well as a look at the bigger issue.... methane!

--- September 24 ---

I spent the morning painting more 'Vote Green' signs and I was listening to a talk radio show when I learned that Andrew Scheer was going to be in London, that afternoon!  Suddenly, I had a mission!!!!  To find out what Devon and I did, click on the YouTube video link below....

--- September 25 ---

London West Green Party of Canada candidate Mary Ann Hodge had an evening Meet'N'Greet at the Bernie's restaurant located in the Sherwood Forest Mall!  Before the event, Devon and I went to most popular entrance to the mall and filled it with our handpainted signs....

After Devon's piano class, we returned to the event and spent the evening listening to Mary Ann's speech, listening to a local band play and munching on cheese bread - Devon's favourite part!!!

--- September 26 ---

While I was on Facebook, I saw a great post by London/Fanshawe candidate, Tom Cull!!!!  Tom, like me, is not a fan of political pollution and for that reason he is not using plastic lawn signs!  He does have a few 'back of the city bus' signs on the go - there are only a few manufactured and they reach tens of thousands of people, each day and they cut way down on plastics!!

But, what I really enjoyed, was reading an article about how Tom Cull is using his imagination... and the help of a local artist... to create unique ways to get his name onto people's front lawns!!!!

 --- September 27 ---

A global event of epic proportion happened on this day!  After cities around the world united to impress upon national and municipal governments, our need to create sustainable lifestyles, I was filled with many emotions!

Toronto, Ontario, Canada

On one hand, I was shedding tears of joy to see so many people coming together to be a part of our changing world... and on the other hand, I felt weak in the knees realizing just how serious our problems are while thinking about the challenges that we have yet to face!

London, Ontario, Canada
I attended the Climate Strike Action, here in London, Ontario and it blew me away that so many people participated!!! Organizers were hoping that around 300 people would show up!  Imagine everyone's surprise when the crowd swelled to 3 000 people - in effect shutting down the intersection!!!!!
Of course, I wouldn't have been there without my cameras... and I'm hoping to have my video about this event finished sometime next week.... so tune back in to see that!!!!
The thing that I loved the most about this event, was seeing how many parents brought their kids with them.... after all, it is their future we're concerned about!  I would guess that 25-30% of the crowd were under the age of 10!!!! Amazing! 

--- September 28-30 ---

 I spent my free time over these few days, either painting more election signs, researching and collecting data for a few more videos (to come soon...) and reaching out to all the Green Party of Canada candidates!  Since I have quite a bit of material on this post, I felt it was time to begin sharing it with people all across Canada!  I'm hoping that other candidates will enjoy my videos and other material and I'm hoping that they will use my material to help spread the word!

Everything I do is for anyone to use in positive ways... 

--- October 01 ---

Now that I have a small army of 'Vote Green' signs, it's time I put them to good use.  On my way home from work, last night, I placed them in a snake formation down the north side of the Highbury bridge, just north of Dundas Street....

--- October 02 ---

The whole point of these signs is to make a 'presentation' of sorts, to catch people's attention in a fun way!  I figure it will give them something to talk about when they go to work for the day.  The next day, they'll be looking for the signs.... and they won't be there!  I move them almost everyday!  Here, the signs are placed along the edge of Bradley Ave. just west of Adelaide South!

--- October 03 ---

On this day, I had Devon give me a helping hand!!!!  This time, the signs are closer to home.  We put them in a group formation along the side of Somerset Park, along Boler Road, just south of Griffith Drive.

--- October 04 ---

It was late evening, when I got around to moving my signs, again!  This time, I placed them in 2 parallel curves, following the curve of the road at Byron Baseline Rd and Commissioners Rd.

--- October 05 ---

We went for a family trip to visit Devon's cousins for the night, so before we left, Devon and I moved the signs, again, to a nice location along Wonderland Rd, steps north of Riverside Dr.  Wonderland Rd gets a lot of traffic, especially on the weekend, so a lot of people saw these signs!

--- October 07 ---

The signs stayed at this location for a couple of days!  Last night, after I got off work, I picked them all up and took them to two locations, this time!!  Now that my army is getting bigger, I can do that!!!!

I placed around 14 of them along the Riverside bridge, enroute to downtown London!  Lots of morning commuters will see these!!!!

And then, I took the rest of the signs and placed them on this hillside by the Oxford bridge, on Wharncliffe, just north of Oxford St.  Lots of university students take this road to school, and I'm hoping that this will inspire them to vote, this election.... and vote GREEN!!! LOL!!!!

I also, finally had a chance to upload my 5th Youtube video, to support the Green Party of Canada!!!!  I'm so happy to share this with you, here.....

--- October 08 ---

I started my day in my basement.... painting the last 14 election signs I have!  My total now is close to 50 signs!!!!  That's a lot!  While I did that, I had my radio tuned in to AM980 for the Craig Needles Show.  Between 10-11am he had the candidates from the London West riding in for a debate!  It went very well.... everyone used their manners - much different than the National debate the evening before!!!!

I then spent the afternoon moving all my signs to new locations...

This is the intersection of Platt's Lane and Western Road - going towards the university!!!  I'm hoping that many young students will see these and be inspired to get involved in the election!  The student vote can make a huge difference and is much needed!!!

In the evening, I attended the Westhaven Golf & Country Club to meet the London West candidates and to participate in the debate!

By the end of the evening, I had gotten Conservative candidate, Liz Snelgrove, to admit that she had lied!!!!!  WOW!!!! During the Craig Needles show yesterday, Liz said that the Conservatives are getting rid of the carbon tax because it costs families money! She repeated this at the Westhaven Club debate, last evening!!! During question period, I confronted her about this and said that if she continues to lie to voters, that maybe some of them will actually believe her and that will do no one any good! I asked Mary Ann Hodge to explain how the carbon program works so that Liz would realize that most middle class families may just make a buck or two at the end of the year... thusly proving that it doesn't cost families money! Liz agreed with me!!!!! I told her that I had no problem with the Conservatives wanting to scrap the plan for other reasons..... "but please, quit lying to voters by telling them that it will cost us money!" The question now is..... will she stop making this false statement in further debates and interviews???? Will she address this issue with other CPC candidates???? We'll be watching to find out!

--- October 10 ---

I'm very grateful for all the help Devon is giving me, during this election!  He's helped me paint signs, make videos and move signs throughout the city!!! Great job!!!

These signs were moved to this location for a couple of days.  Devon and I placed them around a curve in the road so that drivers would see them from both directions, as they approached the curve.
As you can see.... there are a lot of signs!!! LOL!!!  There's Devon, waving, at the end of this line, by the hydro pole!!!

--- October 12 ---

Since it was the beginning of the weekend and lots of shoppers use Wonderland Road, we decided to put our signs up here!  On the north/east corner there is a low, plastic, white fence and they made the perfect background for our green signs!  The white fence really made our signs stand out.  We put them around both corners of the intersection so more drivers would see them.

My phone camera is not the best, so when there is low, evening light and a great distance between me and what I'm taking a picture of, the quality is poor!  But - you can still see a huge line of green in front of the white fence!  Tens of thousands of people saw these signs over the weekend!!

Earlier in the afternoon, I voted at an advanced poll!!!!
 I voted for London West Green Party of Canada candidate Mary Ann Hodge!

--- October 14 ---

Devon helped me collect the signs from the above location and take them way to the north end of London, where I haven't displayed them, yet.  We decided on a nice low hill along the south side of Fanshawe Park Road.  I explained to Devon, how hills actually make a great space for placing signs because from a distance they kinda make a large wall of green! 

--- October 16-17 ---

Our signs stayed at the above location for a couple of days.  While Devon was at his piano class on Wednesday evening, I went back to collect them.  It was raining and I got wet and covered in mud!!!! Oh - the sacrifices I make for the Green Party of Canada!!!! LOL!!!!!!

On Thursday morning, I woke up at 5:15am so that I'd have time to put the signs up at another location, before I started my work day!!! YAWN!!! I was very tired at the end of my 11 hour shift!

This was actually a great location.  These signs are along the side of Trafalgar Road as it leads up to a round-about intersection at Hale Street!  

--- October 19 ---

Music has always been a huge influence in my life!  Years ago, I had my own radio show, once a week for two hours at a volunteer radio station in Nelson, British Columbia.  After that, I spent a few years making a living as a bar DJ and later, as a travelling DJ for Stag'n'Does and weddings!  Since then, I've simply enjoyed using Spotify to create fun and interesting music playlists!  I've shared a few on previous blog posts on this website!

With the election, just a few days away, I know that many candidates will be having celebration parties as everyone unwinds from a very busy two months on the campaign trail.  To celebrate all candidates efforts, I have spent the last two weeks creating another playlist for people to enjoy during this time... and it's finally ready to share!

Please enjoy....

October 21st is Election Day!