Tree Planting in Byron

This story is now appearing in the April edition of the Byron Villager!  Yes - I wrote it...

ReForesting Byron

Last spring, the Byron community came together for a wonderful morning of tree and shrub planting at Jorgenson Park.  A few days later, I went to visit ReForest London’s website so that I could register these trees in their ‘Million Tree Challenge’.  While I was on their website, I took a few moments to send them an email with a suggestion for a future tree planting location, right here in Byron.

For the last ten years, I have noticed that Somerset Woods - located on the east side of Boler Road, right across from the Byron Optimist Park – was hardly ever in use.  There are dog walking and hiking trails within the wooded areas of this park but the large grassed area, for the most part, remains unused.  I thought that if would be a great idea to plant trees in this area so that our local environment would be enhanced, our canopy cover would improve and local wildlife habitat would increase… if even only slightly.  Apparently, the ReForest London team agreed!!

A few months later, ReForest London’s Director of Programs, Amber Cantell, and I met at Somerset Woods to do a site assessment of the area to see if a tree planting project would be feasible. A few months later, after consultation with the City’s Environmental and Parks Planning Department, it was agreed that this park would benefit from a naturalization effort!

Within the last eight months, ReForest London was able to secure funding for this project from the City of London, the Government of Canada and TD Friends of the Environment Foundation.  Project Manager, Kaitlin Richardson explained how, “native trees and shrubs that are best suited for sandy clay loam soil have been selected and ordered,” and just recently a date has been set for a community tree planting event… and you are invited!  On Sunday, April 30th between 1pm – 4pm Byron residents will have an opportunity to get involved in this tree planting event.

The Optimist Club of Byron heard about this community event and now they have offered to open their parking lot – right across the street – for families to use, as no street parking is available.  There will be no charge for parking.  It’s great when local organizations support each other’s efforts!

In the past, I have organized many other tree planting events and these efforts took a lot of my time and energy.  I think that it’s great that this time all I had to do was send ReForest London a suggestion and their organization was able to take care of all the details.  Thanks ReForest London!!

You are invited!!!!!

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