Video Gallery

--- 2008 ---

My very first Youtube video!!!
Earth and Moon and Sun

Learn how this animation was created by over 25 students

--- 2009 ---

Bricks of Love

Learn more about this song

--- 2011 ---

Peace-Fire (Thoughts For The New Mellenium)

Learn more about this poem and video

--- 2012 ---

 A Stitch In Time

Learn more about 'The Smile' artwork

Signed copies of 'The Smile' are for sale

For more information on The Peacebus
To see more Peacebus videos

--- 2014 ---

For more information about Mr. Jim For Mayor

--- 2015 ---
In the spring of 2015, TV Ontario sent out a call for locally make short documentary films on the subject 'Never Stop Learning'.  This is my entry!  To support this effort, please view the short doc 'An Accidental Artist', like it, and share it with your friends!  Thanks, in advance.

--- 2017 ---

--- 2018 ---

Devon's Joke 2018

--- 2019 ---

Here Comes The Sun 2019

Mr. Jim Supports The Greens During Canada's Federal Election 2019
There are 5 videos to view, in total, and all the links to them will be found on this page!

--- 2022 ---

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