New Age


New Age

In February of this year, a friend brought my attention to a local performance center's 'First Songwriters' Competition'.  The Aeolian Hall is well known throughout Southern Ontario as a great venue for art performances, concerts and even political debates!  I have enjoyed my time at this venue on a number of occasions over the last few decades!

Well... I dusted off my guitar case and tightened a few strings and soon my fingers were feeling that pain when they haven't been playing the guitar for a while!  I spent the next few weeks getting myself in shape for my recording...

I decided to create a video to showcase my song and then this idea expanded as I became inspired to create a short introduction to my song... sharing a bit about me and the history of the song New Age. 

Devon helped out a lot with the video recording and you'll see that we used some rather interesting angles.  I was taking inspiration from the many documentaries that I've seen over the years where they use interesting angles to make the speakers speech more enjoyable to listen to... instead of just seeing the speaker talking to just one camera.  

I'm rather pleased with how this turned out... even if my singing and playing isn't the greatest... that's not the point!  The point is to feel and appreciate someone's effort and expression... and I hope that all of you do just that.... 

Please enjoy...

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