The Peacebus

In 2009 I found myself with a job that I never would have dreamed I'd ever have... I became a school bus driver!  Since that time, my bus has been named (by the students) The Peacebus and it is filled with many environmental and peace artworks.

The Peacebus has been featured in several newspaper stories as well as a spotlight on a local program showcasing environmental initiatives in London, Ontario.

Over the last few years, I have also created a number of Youtube videos showcasing the students' artworks.

I've also worked with my students to create a number of interesting artworks, a book and at one time the students and I raised funds for a children's school in Africa. Over the years, I hope to continue to share the many peace art adventures that we went on.  Here is where I'll share the links....

Peacebus Projects

Please enjoy all the links that I've provided (above) as well as this small selection of artworks...

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