Rain... I Don't Mind

 Rain… I Don’t Mind
12” x 12”
Acrylic Paint on Canvas
January 2018
London, Ontario
Jim Kogelheide

Rain… I Don’t Mind

Over the last few years, I have been finding less and less time to create my art.  Devon is getting older, and he’s been getting involved in many activities like skating, swimming, piano class and lots of other fun activities that we like to do as a family.  The last two years have also seen me spending more time at our Happy Tails store, so that I can give my wife at least one day off each week so that she can have special fun time with Devon.  It seems that the older I get, the busier I get… and that’s okay with me!  I rather enjoy the way my life is playing out!!

So, over these last few years, I have been focussing my art works in such a way that I can get involved in some fun community art exhibitions…
…like the Westland Gallery’s annual Square Foot Art Show & Sale!!
(My 2017 entry that sold!)
In 2017, I was able to get one artwork ready for that year’s show and in 2018 I was determined to get more art ready.  'Rain... I Don't Mind' was one of them!

This painting was inspired from a photograph that I took while Joanne, Devon and I were on vacation in 2016.  We had rented a cottage along the shore of a gently moving river, near Pembroke, Ontario. 

Each day, we would go exploring.  Sometimes, we went to nearby towns for lunch or dinner and other times we just relaxed around the cottage and went for canoe or kayak rides in the river.

About 15 minutes away from our cottage, on the road that lead to it, Jo’ noticed a sign that said ‘Lookout Spot’ with an arrow pointing down another very short road.  We parked our car and climbed up to the gazebo that was at the top of the hill.  WOW! What a view!!!  We could see for many miles in all directions and we spent a nice while there, watching the clouds dance across the sky.
Devon and I had fun taking this photo at Lookout Hill

A few days later, we were returning to the cottage from another outing at a nearby town.  The sky was growing dark and we knew that it was going to be raining very soon.  I suggested a short stop at the lookout so we could watch the storm come in!  I love watching rain storms and lightning storms from a distance – it’s so cool to watch the rain dropping from the clouds onto the land below.  I got out my camera and began clicking away!!!

When we returned to London, after our vacation, I was enjoying a nice cold beer in my back garden while I was looking at our vacation photos.  I kept returning to the one photo that really caught my attention, that – a year and a half later – became the inspiration for ‘Rain… I Don’t Mind’.

Many of you – my readers – know that I love to use titles of Rock’N’Roll songs as titles for my artworks… and this painting is no exception.  Nearing the completion of this painting, I started thinking about what I would call it and funnily enough, I was listening to one of my Beatles records when the song ‘Rain’ began to play.  I laughed at the timing of this small event and I knew that I had a very appropriate title.

I knew that I wanted to add the lyrics ‘I don’t mind’ to the title of my painting, because I’ve often compared rain to thoughts about growth and cleansing.  Little did I realize, at that time, that thoughts concerning growth and cleansing would also play a part in the decision that I made when an interesting opportunity came to me that allowed me to find this painting its new home!

You can guess correctly, by that last sentence, that this painting did not sell at the Square Foot Art Show & Sale… and now, I’m very glad that it didn’t!

To learn more about this painting’s new home, simply follow this link…

Jim Kogelheide
November 2018

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