Gravitrax Marble Runs by D & D


I just made this post on Facebook to promote Devon's Youtube channel, where he'll be sharing a series of videos all about our Gravitrax building adventures!  We starting making these video in the early part of 2023 and now... 14 months later... the uploading begins!

You can watch these videos by following this link to Devon's Youtube Channel and I'll also be sharing all the videos right here!

Devon's hoping to get lots of subscribers to his channel... so please 'like' the videos... 'subscribe' to his channel... and 'share' his videos on your own social media platforms!

Please enjoy...

YEAH!!!! I'm super excited that my first Youtube video is ready to share with the world! In this video, I explain a simple course that I made using the Gravitrax course building system to give my marble a super fun ride! You'll enjoy how I also decorated my track and be sure to stick around right til the end when Groot makes a special guest star appearance!!!

This video was inspired by the Marvel movie Ant-Man!!!! LOL! It's true!!! You know the scene where a guy is talking about what other people are saying and the visual is those people talking... but it's the talking guys voice??? Haha! Did that make any sense??? Anyway... that's what we did in this video... I'm the one talking but dad is the one opening and closing his mouth!!! We cracked up when we filmed this!

As my dad and I learn more about how to share our fun Gravitrax adventures, our videos are getting a bit longer with more details. In this video you'll see how we solve some basic design problems to create a course that runs perfectly!

In this video my dad challenges me to build the longest course I've ever made! This course starts at one end of our dining room table and goes all the way to the other side!! You'll enjoy how I also decorated my track and be sure to stick around right til the end when Groot AND SPIDER-MAN makes a special guest star appearance!!!

In this video, I share how watching other Gravitrax Youtube videos can help you get ideas for your own builds. I share an idea that I saw on someone else's video and then I use this idea in other fun ways!

In this video, my Dad took over!!! I gave him a challenge to complete and wait until you see what he did!!! It wasn't until this video was made and I saw it with my own eyes when I realized that my Dad is actually a sorcerer! This blew my mind!

Did you enjoy the last video where my Dad was using his sorcerer powers??? Well... then you are in for a treat! In this video, I become 'The Apprentice' and I learn how to use 'the force' to move Gravitrax pieces into my hand so I'll become a faster builder!!!

This is the longest video in our collection... and rightly so! In this video my dad challenges me to build a course using 3 platforms... I need to make the marble(s) drop to a lower level 3 times... and the course must start with 1 marble and end with 3 marbles! The thing that I did not realize when this challenge began was that my dad had plans to make me do this challenge 3 times! Hiboboy! So... there are 3 builds in this video and that's why this video is so long!

Have you ever wondered what you can do with all of those baseplate cutouts instead of tossing them in the garbage??? In this video, we show you how to use them to create support pillars!!!

In this video, I share how Gravitrax builders can expand their collections of building sets without spending a lot of money! Then... my dad gives me another epic challenge and I share ideas for changes to my build that help me complete this challenge even more successfully!

AND... we've still got more full length videos to share over the next few months...
so don't forget to subscribe to Devon's Youtube channel so you don't miss any!!!


Thanks Mom!!! :)

When Devon and I started uploading these videos, Jo' suggested that we also make shorter videos that will help to promote Devon's channel... so we did!

We have well over 20 Youtube shorts published already and since we love making these fun videos, more will be coming soon...

The one thing that I love about these shorts is that we can add music to them.
Have a listen to our selections!!!!


Here's a link to

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