Dreaming Of A Better World

Dreaming Of A Better World
32" x 26"
Pen & Ink
Autumn 1996
London, Ontario
Jim Kogelheide

This is one of my earliest art creations, dating all the way back to 1996.  One night, I had a dream.  In this dream I went on a strange journey to meet a very unique being.  The visit was brief but profound and when I returned home and woke up I realize that I needed to capture my impressions from this encounter.  It was around 2:00am and I needed to draw…

This is a pen and ink drawing of an organic being, flowing with life and pulsing muscles surrounded by the landscape of his alien world.  This world excites the eye with creatures living in harmony with their environment.  The sun is drawn with inspirations of vegetational growth. 

It seems curious that this alien, living in a representation of peace, harmony and balance would be dreaming of a better world… but it’s true!  He’s dreaming of the Earth, which can be seen in the upper right side of this image.  The clouds of the Earth are drawn in the shape of a baby – or fetus – representing humanities present state of being.

Humanity has been evolving on our planet for hundreds of thousands of years.  Many incredible feats have shaped our existence, bringing us to our present state.  For the last few hundred years we have reveled in our ability to shape our own destiny – or seemingly so – with the inventions of Industrialism.  Just recently, we have become concerned to realize that our powers are harming all life forms on Earth and that our demise might be imminent!

The alien in this drawing knows better.  He can see that although our present situation seems insurmountable, that humans have a deeper need to embrace our instinctive evolution.  Once we have evolved and matured we will have indeed created a better world… one even more significant than the depictions of the perfect ideal represented in this alien landscape.

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