Friday, 14 July 2023

Understanding our Earth's climate...

 Many climate change deniers espouse that our climate has cyclical patterns and therefore we are simply in a warming cycle that will change back to what we've know some time in the near future.  This understanding is wrong in so many ways!  For one... it's not based on math or science in any way shape or form.  For two... those clinging to these notions are not getting involved in any actions that will help humanity deal with the problems we have created!

I've never understood how anyone could believe that humans have no affect on our world.  It took nearly 100 000 generations of humans (from our birth until the year 1945) to reach a population of 2 billion people.  Since that time we have doubled our population twice and we are in the process of doubling our population once again.  To accommodate our survival, we have cut down most of the Earth's forests, we've over fished our oceans and destroyed precious coral reefs as we continue to pave our planet in asphalt and concrete!  I find it impossible to understand how anyone can deny that our lifestyles that have concentrated CO2 into our atmosphere to levels NEVER before seen can believe that humans activity is outside of any climate equation.

I recently stumbled upon this very easy to understand and very detailed video that explains the non-cyclical nature of ice ages and how they ALL begin and end due to levels of CO2 in our atmosphere... and it's just a little over 13 minutes in length! Impressive!!!

Bookmark this video and share it with those who continue to cling to foolish notions that hinder them from taking the needed actions to ensure humanity's survival!!! 

CO2 levels start and end ice ages

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