Saturday, 29 May 2021

Three things to share...

I'm very happy to put the spotlight of this post on a few of my son's most recent achievements! YUP! I'm a super proud Daddee!!!!

First up... is a book that Devon spent three months working on!  Only 20 copies were made, to share with all the people in the book... we would have liked to have made more, but they were a expensive to produce! In order to share his effort with a larger audience, I've made a special page on this website so anyone from anywhere in the world can enjoy it! I feel that Devon's book can help many children who are having difficulty dealing with all of the lifestyle changes caused by our global pandemic.  It showcases many examples about how his life has changed and how he changed with it and was able to do so with a smile! Truly inspiring! Please enjoy....

Covid-19 And Me

Next, is a super fun video that we completed in time for Mother's Day! When this video begins, you can see that the filming started in the fall.... last fall, actually! Then, we got very busy and this video was put on hold.  This March, we got busy working on it again and I'm sure that everyone will enjoy watching Devon turn into a Minecraft character and enjoy his adventure in a world of imagination!!!

You Are My Sunshine - The Apple Pie Remix

Most recently, Devon's Grade 4 music teacher gave the class a very fun assignment. First, she introduced the class to a music maker app and had the class explore all the hundreds of music loops that they could choose to work with in order to create a short musical piece. Then, she had the students search out some video that went along with the music they had created!  This video is the result of Devon's efforts! He made the music with no help at all... and we worked together to set it to the visuals we found on another Youtube video! I love it a lot... and I'm sure that you will, too!


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