Thursday 2 November 2023

Epic Zero 2 - Book Report In Song


Devon's Grade 7 teacher presented the class with 10 ways the students could choose to create a book report. Devon's first report was created in a slide show format so that he could hand it in on time. During this effort, he shared how he really wanted to also create a song... or more correctly... take an existing song and rewrite the lyrics. So... he did! This video is the end result! :) This song is a parody of the 21 Pilots song 'House of Gold' that Devon recently learned how to play on his ukulele!!
Take note of the shirt that Devon chose to wear in this video.... It is an orange shirt with his handprint painted on it to honour the Truth and Conciliation efforts by our First Nations community!

Please enjoy....

Here's what on person had to say about it...
"Ah-mazing! Great vocals. Great production . Super job. Really impressed!"

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