Tuesday, 9 July 2019

2 New Things To Share....

Well.... actually, just one NEW thing to share and an update on a project I've been working on since January!!!

To see what's new with the puzzle piece artwork, just scroll down below this post and find out!

As for what is truly NEW.....

I'm proud to present a video that I made with my son, Devon, just last week!!!! During his spring piano classes, Devon learned how to play Here Comes The Sun by the Beatles.  A few weeks ago, he shared this song at a small music school concert!  He did a great job!

Then summer vacation started and I asked him if he wanted to make his own music video!  Devon got very excited and agreed!  We spent the morning filming all sorts of stuff in and around our neighbourhood.... but mostly in our own garden!

A while ago, I explained to Devon how musicians who play other people's songs need to change them to make the song their own!  This is exactly what Devon and I did!  We added a fun intro, with drumming and a very unique beginning to the song!  Even the ending of the video is unique!  This version is quite a bit simpler, compared to the original.... but that's just fine with us!  After all, Devon has only been playing piano for a short while, and some parts of the original song are quite complicated!!!  But I still give him an A+ for this effort!

Please enjoy....

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