Saturday, 6 October 2018

Devon's Birthday Fundraiser for Trees

Devon loves trees!!!!

A LOT!!!!!

Be inspired to help Devon plant more trees. His birthday is coming up and he would like everyone to make an online donation to the Upper Thames River Conservation Authority.

and donate to 'Green our Watersheds' in Devon's name! 

Thanks in advance!!!

We've only been promoting this fundraiser for a few days
and already we've raised just under $100
Our goal is $500 and we need your support!!!!

Two days ago, I got an email from another London tree planting
organization and for Devon's birthday they gave him
5 large (3 foot high) White Pine trees
and 10 small (saplings) White Pine trees
Thanks ReForest London for a great birthday gift!!!

 It was less than one hour later....

 and three of the White Pines....

 were already in the gound!!!!!

See!  I told you....
Devon loves trees!!!!
A LOT!!!!!


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