Wednesday, 8 August 2018

Municipal Election Inspires a Re-visit....

Just recently, I have been contacting the mayoral candidates involved in the London, Ontario, Canada 2018 municipal election!

Many of you know that I was a mayoral candidate in the 2014 election!  This was one of the top five super amazing experiences in my life!!!!  A long series of events that I am very proud of!!!!

I was looking for some information that I could use in my email to this year's candidates, so I found myself looking through my 'Mr. Jim For Mayor' tab.  This was when I noticed that my 'Mr. Jim In The News' section only had one news article in it!!!!  Since there were so many news stories that came out, and I had only posted one, I decided to update this section of my blog... and this is what I have to share with you, today!!!!!

Just follow the link below to my updated page and you'll find that I've just added 4 more stories for you to enjoy!

This dialogue really cracks me up!!!!

I hope that these stories will inspire people from all over the world to realize what is truly important and to think about the topic of 'our environment' when speaking with political candidates wherever you may live!

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