Sunday, 15 April 2018


For a period of time, I found that poetic phrases spilled from my tongue with ease and during this period of my life I wrote a nice collection of poems.  I used to lay them out on a sheet of paper and print several copies.  Whenever I wrote a letter to a friend I would write in on the back of the paper with a poem on the reverse side.  I thought it was a fun idea!

Just last week, I had a need to write to a friend and remembering the pages I had made many years ago, I went digging through some old files.  This is when I uncovered this poem.....

Since, April has always been Earthmonth for me, I thought that this poem would be a nice addition to this blog to inspire people to remember that each of us has a responsibility to build a more peaceful future for our children!

What I like about this poem, is that it is filled with hope and passion.... but not in a fairy tale way.  You will notice that I am not afraid to shine light on the facts that humanity will have to pay the price for it's degrading relationship with our Earth... but hope and love will rise from the ashes.....

Please enjoy!

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